If I was packing for a 21-day trek to Everest Base Camp, I’d know exactly what to pack. But this holiday is 20 days in Italy and four days in Hong Kong. I had no idea where to start. I didn’t even own a suitcase. 

I briefed Di on the things I’ll be doing. Italy: wandering the streets of Treviso, day trips to Venice and Verona, Easter Mass with the family, a 4-year-old’s birthday party, family dinners, dinners out, and 5km morning runs! Hong Kong: sightseeing, shopping, fancy dinners, and walks along the bay. 

Di spent about two hours at my apartment, she mixed and matched and laid out all my various outfit combinations. She gave me some great tips on packing, what size suitcase to buy, and where and how to use folding bags to keep all my shirts folded and together. I photographed every outfit and when it came time to pack, I systematically went through each photo to make sure I’d packed every piece. I even printed each photo, so I’ll have an easy reference when I’m away.

Thanks Di, you’re amazing.

Colleen Hurley, Executive Assistant

Di Cant has seen it all, travelled everywhere, and been packing suitcases and bags for 30+ years! We had a brilliant experience with Di - her wealth of travel knowledge and savvy tips for packing a suitcase to India for business was second to none. For years I’ve dreaded packing before I travel overseas or interstate, and I’ve always taken far too many clothes and shoes, end up being overweight and not having nearly enough space in my luggage for the trinkets I’ve purchase when wondering the streets of New York, London or Rome! This girl knows what she’s talking about, and has fun with everyone at the same time. Professionalism should be Di’s middle name. I cannot recommend Suitcase Savvy highly enough. Brilliant concept and fantastic outcome. Love Di, and her style. 

Kristian Williams
Bonita Kaftans

One of the #GlamGirlsLuxTravels tour girls on our #Novembet'16 tour. @diannecant ..Di set the tone for 'travelling in style' on our #indian #rajasthan tour. Di kept pulling amazing outfit combinations out of her #savvysuitcase.. Di Cant lifted our standard on tour totally and I'm forever grateful .. #GlamGirlsLuxTravels #udaipur #citypalace .. 

This is a shout out to her new business link ..have a look .. a bit more about Di Di Cant is a stylish encyclopaedia of Queensland fashion. Starting as a model in the 1950s and 60s, Di continues to work as a leading stylist... further info on her website .. http://www.suitcasesavvy.com.au/

Please support and follow her .. @suitcasesavvy

With kind regards 

Mrs. Jean Wethmar 



TESTIMONIAL from client Di Baldwin to Di Cant fromwww.suitcasesavvy.com.au


I do love the ideas you are putting together to help with 'travel packing'.


Your advice to me last July/August was invaluable. When travelling overseas the trick is not to pack too much because it's all too difficult with loads of luggage. We now try to take one medium sized bag each, plus hand luggage. Your choices are great because you have a good eye for what can be used multiple ways. This saves luggage weight, and space. Your knowledge about where to buy important items also came in handy. You suggested I buy one red and one navy cashmere V-neck sweater from Edinburgh. This I did.


To provide advice on the trip, and what was missing from my wardrobe, we did a complete review of all my clothes. It didn't take too long, time wise, but was a worthwhile exercise. As I didn't own a good pair of navy pants and dressy top, you sent me into Perri Cutten where I was able to buy just the right thing. I wore this on several occasions on the trip to Scotland and Ireland, and several times since returning home. I love your travel experience which enables you to give great advice on layering and stylish dressing for all climates and destinations when travelling.


Shoes were also revised resulting in my dispensing with quite a few old pairs and then purchasing two pairs of stylish, comfortable, and perfectly useful alternatives.


Congratulations on the new website. I hope my testimonial is helpful to prospective clients visiting your terrific website www.suitcasesavvy.com.au


I've always regarded your help from www.istylefashion.com.au, as a great privilege.

Here I am in Cairo, of all places, running an international law firm. My sister is here too, working for the UN. It's an exciting, if crazy, city, but I love the adventure. And it's so nice to be so close to Europe and so many other wonderful places.

Di has long been one of the most stylish ladies I know, and I've been lucky to get tips and advice from her many times over the years. Now I find myself living in Cairo and travelling regularly - for work and leisure - and her tips on dressing for travel have been invaluable. Working in the Middle East, I need to find ways to combine my personal style with a culturally sensitive wardrobe, and a light suitcase for short business trips! The only way I've managed to do this is by remembering all the fab tips Di has given me - not only for packing light, but for looking fabulous at the same time. One look at Di's look and lifestyle will tell you that she has style in spades. Add to this the fact that she's a pleasure to work with and a lovely lady, and I could not recommend her more highly!

Beth Barber - Australian girl now working in Cairo, Egypt.

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